Sélection de livres 2016


Auteure : Jennifer Bradbury

Editeur : Atheneum Books for Young Readers

Année de parution: 2012



Fait partie de la sélection Sélection en anglais

Les premières lignes / The first lines

The nose of the seat bit into my shoulder as the toe clip scraped the back of my thigh. I wrestled the bike through the dorm’s gaping front doors, the derailleur cable snagging on the knob as I stepped inside. I lurched, swore, and hoped none of the half­dozen people hanging around the sweltering lobby were watching. I tried to block out the lingering smells of puke and cheap beer as I headed for the row of mailboxes along the far wall.

Contenu/ Contents

Chris and his best friend Win have decided to go on a two­month­long cross­country bike trek, from West Virginia to Seattle, Washington State, during the summer before they start college. But Win doesn’t come back home...
The story is told by Chris as the new term starts, and through a series of flash­backs the reader follows the two boys on their trip, a journey that will undoubtedly change the lives of many people. Chris’s memories of this coming­of­age experience are intertwined with an FBI investigation to find missing Win...
Friendship, adventure, suspense and mystery...A real page­turner!

Thèmes en lien avec la Littérature Etrangère en Langue Etrangère (LELE) : Meeting other people, love and friendship / Travel, initiatory journeys / Quest of identity
L'oeuvre peut être étudiée dans son intégralité ou sous forme d'extraits. Elle peut être étudiée en parallèle avec l'album Along a long road de Franck Viva aussi proposé dans la sélection anglais du festival.

Proposition d'une sélection de chapitres qui peuvent être étudiés ensemble : (thèmes : Best friends­Bicycles­Rivalry­Independence­Coming of age)
Chapter 12 : As they are progressing toward the west coast and crossing different states, we get a grasp of Chris and Win's ambivalent relationship made of friendship and rivalry.
Chapter 18 : With exhaustion and an episode of strong wind, the boys are stretching their limits. One of them is on the edge of nervous breakdown.
Chapter 19 : Best friends or best enemies ?
Chapter 26 : The end of the road ?

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