Sélection de livres 2017

Outstanding in the Rain

Auteur : Franck Viva

Editeur : Little Brown books for Youg Readers

Année de parution: 2015


Fait partie de la sélection Sélection en anglais

Les premières lignes / the first lines :

“Ice cream,” I say, my birthday surprise!
“Oh no!” I scream, with tears in my eyes.
I shout in her ear, “This is one crazy ride!”
But that was her rear, I just about cried.

Contenu / content :

Outstanding in the Rain: A Whole Story with Holes is a clever beautifully-crafted picture book.
It tells the story of a young boy’s birthday at Coney Island (New York City). The mother and son’s day-trip is joyful and eventful.
The design of the book is original and delightful. The composition of colors, lines, shapes and patterns is pleasing. Each double page has die-cut holes revealing pictures or words.
The rhythmic and rhyming language is all the more poetic as Frank Viva plays on words, specifically oronyms. An oronym is a pair of words or phrases which sound the same but have different spellings and meanings. For instances: “ice-cream”/“I scream”; “fork handles”/“four candles”.
As the title tells you, this book is an outstanding achievement.

Pistes / Activities to participate in the festival :

Cycles 2 et 3 :
1 - In Outstanding in the Rain, the little boy in the story drops his ice-cream, but at the end “a nice man with a smile” gives the boy a new ice-cream cone. This simple act of kindness makes the boy’s day. Imagine a simple act of kindness you can do to make someone (parents, friends, schoolmates…) smile. Then, with your classmates, create a video or a slide-show of all these simple acts of kindness and record your text. The best videos or slide-shows will be displayed at La plage Verte during Cherbourg Children’s Books Festival.

2 - After reading Outstanding in the Rain by Frank Viva, create a model of Coney Island amusement park in a shoe box (about 20 cm*30cm). The best models will be displayed at La Plage Verte during Cherbourg Children’s Books Festival.

6e/5e  :
1 - Imagine you are on top of the Ferris wheel, riding one of the sky rides or sailing in the hot air balloon. Write a postcard to someone telling what you see and feel on the ride. To do so, use a 5"*7" index card (13cm*18cm): write your message on one side and draw an illustration on the other. The best postcards will be displayed at La plage Verte during Cherbourg Children’s Books Festival.

2 - Create a video about your favorite passage from Outstanding the Rain by Frank Viva. First read and record your favorite passage. You can use simple props to act it out. Watch your tone and your pronunciation. Then, present your passage and give reasons for your choice. Do this on your own or with one or two classmates. The best videos will be shown at La Plage Verte during Cherbourg’s Children’s Books Festival.

5e/4e - Like the little boy, you probably enjoy amusement parks or funfairs. Make a two-minute video to tell about your favourite amusement park ride. You must give several reasons to explain your personal opinion. The best videos will be displayed at La plage Verte during Cherbourg Children’s Books Festival.

3e/2nde - Frank Viva was inspired by a real place for the setting of Outstanding in the Rain. Explore and research Coney Island. A good resource for historical photos is Create a slide-show about Coney island, including pictures of Outstanding in the Rain to show the similarities or differences with the real place. The best slide-shows will be displayed at La plage Verte during Cherbourg Children’s Books Festival.

Lycée :
1 – The little boy takes the D train to come to Coney Island with his mother. This reminds us of the song Taking the A train, a jazz standard by Billy Strayhorn. Use it as an inspiration to write a new song: Taking the D train, about Coney Island.

2 – Imagine the mother and her little boy are not Americans. On her son’s birthday she discovers Coney Island, which she had heard of before. She writes an e-mail to her best     friend to tell her about it. She describes the place, connecting what she has seen to what she  expected from it.

Tous niveaux :
To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Cherbourg Children’s Books Festival, create a picture book with holes and oronyms. You should use your five senses to describe the experiences you might have had at the previous editions of the Festival. The best albums will be displayed at La Plage Verte during Cherbourg’s Children’s Book Festival.

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