Sélection de livres 2018

A trip to the Bottom of the World with Mouse

Auteur : Franck Viva

Editeur : TOON Books

Année de parution: 2012


Fait partie de la sélection Sélection en anglais

Les premières lignes/ The first lines :

Are we there yet ?
Soon, Mouse.
Can we go home now ?
Not yet, Mouse.

Contenu / Content:

There's so much to see at the bottom of the world ! Join a young explorer and his best friend, Mouse, on a sea journey to Antarctica, where they make new friends with penguins and a whale-and they have all kinds of fun.
A nice story illustrating discovery, the unexpected, (thermal waters of a submerged volcano), patience and the transformation of a character. There's repetition and change !
A story based on the author's experiences aboard a Russian research vessel.

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