Sélection de livres 2020

Sandcastles on the Moon

Auteur : M.F.W. Curran

Editeur : Paperplanes

Année de parution: 2013

Fait partie de la sélection Sélection en anglais

First lines:

“Mr Goode?”

Hemmingway Goode looked down at the man sitting at the desk in front of him.

“You are Hemmingway Goode?” The man from Nicholls & Blundell continued.

Hemmingway nodded. “How did you know?”

“You have that ‘just woke up from cryo-sleep’ look,” the man said and and rose from behind his shiny desk. Hemmingway shook the man’s hand. It was a firm grip.

“Sit down,” the man said. “My name is Mr Anders. You spoke to my secretary?”

Hemmingway frowned and sat as instructed. “I did?”

“On Earth, “ Mr Anders said.

“That was … two years ago,” Hemmingway said.



The moon of Prollyx is lifeless, but rich in mineral deposits. Hemmingway Goode and his family join a group of pioneers, hoping to make there fortune there.

But the moon is no place for humans. The prospectors have made a terrible mistake. The question now is how many will survive.

From the imagination of science-fiction author Matt Curran comes a story rich in tension, poetry and horror...




Pistes / Activities to participate in the festival:



Hemmingway/Constance sends a voice message to explain what happened to him/her and their people. He concludes with their final decision. (Record a video. 3 minutes maximum)



Imagine what happens to Luis Jorge and his wife Anabella after they leave Hemmingway and his family.

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