Big Jabe

Big Jabe

Big Jabe

Harper Collins Publishers / 2000

Auteur·rice : Jerdine Nolen


Les premières lignes/ the first lines :

We have a big pear tree in our yard, down by the river. Poppa Jabe planted it there in slavery times. That tree doesn’t give any fruit now – It’s too old. But Momma Mary says that sometimes, after it’s gotten a good rest, little white flowers blossom on it in the spring.

Contenu/contents :

The books tells the story of a young black boy, found in a basket floating down the river, in slavery times. He rapidly becomes an incredibly strong and tall man, who seems to have magical powers and helps other slaves with their work. This makes the whole community of slaves on Plenty Plantation very happy, and the master angry. After a while slaves go missing… Everybody suspects that Jabe is responsible for their vanishing.

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Niveaux : 4e / 3e / 2nde / 1e