But I am an alligator

But I am an alligator

But I am an alligator

Grosset and Dunlap / 2008

Auteur·rice : Lauren Child


Les premières lignes/ The first lines

I have this little sister, Lola. She is small and very funny. « No picking Charlie ! » and one thing she loves is dressing up. « You can look now Charlie ! Do you like it Charlie ? Granny bought it for me. » « I hope you can make a good crocodile Lola ! ». « Oh no Charlie ! This is not a crocodile, this is an alligator. It is my favorite fancy dress costume and it’s my best ».  « It sure is a very good costume Lola ! ». « I know and I’m not ever taking it off ».

Contenu / Content

Lola has a lot of imagination but her brother Charlie is sometimes ashamed of her being so at ease with the costumes she likes wearing all the times. She particularly enjoys dressing up as an alligator. She likes wearing this costume everywhere ! Though Charlie tries to make her understand that you can’t wear a costume like this at the supermarket or at school because it’s embarrasing for the person who wears it and for everybody, Lola keeps thinking that alligators are great animals and that pretending to be one is great fun !
Charlie is worried about talk day…He hopes Lola will not make a fool of herself in front of the whole school  with her costume?
This book is a great way to teach how being yourself is always important. The drawings are full of humour.

Magalie Bocquet

Pistes d’écriture/ Activities to participate in the festival

1-Imagine it’s talk day today. You have prepared a speech in which you describe your favorite costume and why you like wearing it. Make a two-minute video out of your presentation and send it to the Festival’s video challenge. (6e/5e)

2-Create a poster or a slide show about alligators including  pictures of Charlie and Lola by Lauren Child. (6e/ 5e)

6,95 euros

Sélection 6è-5è