How to be a superhero

How to be a superhero

How to be a superhero

Golden Books Publishing Company / 2014

Auteur·rice : Sue Fliess
Illustrateur·rice : Nikki Dyson


Les premières lignes / the first lines :

“Someone help us! Stop those crooks! They’ve just stolen all our books!”

“Captain Mighty, are you near? We could use some help down here!”

“Captain Mighty saves the day!”

“Never fear! I’m here to stay!”

“Will you teach me what to do? Could I be a hero, too?”

Contenu / content :

A boy asks Captain Mighty what it takes to become a hero. There is a costume to choose and a power to develop. But most of all, it takes intelligence and heart! The boy soon defeats the local villain, Turbo Troll, and earns his new name: the Silver Cyclone!

How to Be a Superhero is a colourful little book with lively pictures and dialogues.

Prix : £2.99

Niveau : Cycle 3