Out of the dust

Out of the dust

Out of the dust

Scholastic / 2009

Auteur·rice : Karen Hesse


Les premières lignes/ the first lines :

Beginning : August 1920
As summer wheat came ripe,
So did I,
born at home, on the kitchen floor.
Ma crouched,
barefoot, bare bottomed
over the swept boards,
because that’s where Daddy said it’d be best.

Contenu/contents :

The books follow Billie Jo, a 13 year old girl who lives with her parents on a farm in Oklahoma during the dust bowl. Their crops are repeatedly destroyed by droughts and dust storms and they live in poverty, but they live a happy quiet life in their community, expecting another baby. Billie Jo and her mother love music and both play the piano. Yet, their family will suddenly be shattered by a terrible tragedy.

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