Swimming, swimming

Swimming, swimming

Swimming, swimming

Groundwood Books/House of Anansi Press / 2015

Auteur·rice : Gary Clement
Illustrateur·rice : Gary Clement


Les premières lignes / The first lines

Swimming, swimming, in a swimming pool, when days are hot, when days are cold, in a swimming pool. Breast stroke, sidestroke, fancy diving too ! Oh don’t you wish you never had anything else to do ?

Contenu / Contents 

« Drawing on his own memories of the best days of summer in the city, Gary Clement brings us an illustrated version of the beloved classic “Swimming, swimming in a swimming pool,” full of fun and humor. The illustrations show a young boy and his friends spending a carefree day at the neighborhood pool. We see them walk to the pool together, change into their trunks and then spend hours swimming, cavorting, splashing, and diving. The pool is full of moms, dads, other kids and babies, all enjoying a chance to cool off on a hot summer day. The boy returns home, tired but happy, and falls asleep holding onto his goggles in anticipation of another delightful day at the pool. The book includes a short explanation of the hand gestures for the song and a link to a video demonstration ».

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