The Martian

The Martian

The Martian

Delrey / 2014

Auteur·rice : Andy Weir


Les premières lignes / the first lines:

I’m pretty much fucked.

That’s my considered opinion.


Six days into what should be the greatest two months of my life, and it’s turned into a nightmare.

I don’t even know who’ll read this. I guess someone will find it eventually. Maybe a hundred years from now.

For the record… I didn’t die on Sol 6. Certainly the rest of the crew thought I did, and I can’t blame them. Maybe there’ll be a day of national mourning for me, and my Wikipedia page will say “Mark Watney is the only human being to have died on Mars”.

Contenu / content:

The Martian is a 369-page science-fiction novel. It is the story of an astronaut trying to survive after being left behind on Mars.

Film adaptation:

The Martian by Ridley Scott, starring Matt Damon (running time: 141 minutes).

Niveaux collège (4e - 3e) / lycée
2020, 2022
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