Along a long road

Along a long road

Along a long road

Little, Brown Books for Young Readers / 2011

Auteur·rice : Frank Viva

Les premières lignes / The first lines

Along a long road

Going up

Around a small town and down

Into a tunnel

And out

Over a bridge

One, two, three…

Contenu / Contents

In this greatly illustrated and inspiring book by Franck Viva, we pedal with an anonymous cyclist through towns, past stores, over a bridge, by the sea, through Northern American settings. All along the way, we travel with the cyclist and discover people, animals, the Northern American countyside through interestingly chosen details.

The book is created as a continuously illustrated map with an enormous amount of smartly chosen retro-like illustrations. The text is simple, there are not many words and the language is rhythmic. The colours make it a great children’s book to observe and  read with the youngests and the eldests alike to lead to many discussions about cycling and Northern American landscapes.
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