Horrid Henry’s birthday party

Horrid Henry's birthday party

Horrid Henry's birthday party

Orion / 2009

Auteur·rice : Francesca Simon
Illustrateur·rice : Tony Ross


Les premières lignes/ The first lines :

February was Horrid Henry’s favorite month. His birthday was in February. « It’s my birthday soon » said Henry everyday after Christmas. « And my birthday party ! Hurray ! » February was Horrid Henry’s parents least favorite month. « It’s Henry’s birthday soon, said Dad, groaning. « And his birthday party », said Mum groaning even louder. Every year they thought Henry’s birthday parties could not get worse. But they always did.

Contenu / Contents:

Horrid Henry’s Birthday Party is an early reader’s book which has been divided into easily digestible chapters and is part of the Horrid Henry early reader’s collection. This book in particular, Horrid Henry’s Birthday Party entwines when the main character, Henry cannot wait for his birthday party. He’s feeling incredibly excited about it and cannot wait for his friends to arrive. However, his mother and father are feeling a little apprehensive about it as previous parties have not necessarily ran as smoothly as planned.
However, this year Henry’s parents have a cunning plan but to their dismay so does Henry. Perhaps he’s not planning to enjoy eating lots of delicious party food and join in with the party games! This terribly funny story will leave everyone laughing with delight! (Katie Antrobus in http://www.goodreads.com)

Pistes / Activities to participate in the festival :

4e :
1 - Create a video about your favorite passage from Horrid Henry’s Birthday Party by Fransesca Simon.
First, read and record your favorite passage. Watch your tone and your pronunciation. Then, present your passage and give reasons for your choice. Do this on your own or with 1 or 2 classmates. The best videos will be shown at La Plage Verte during Cherbourg’s Children’s Book Festival.

2 - Act out Horrid Henry’s Birthday Party by Fransesca Simon

3 - Create a new page to Horrid Henry’s birthday party : imagine another guest at Henry’s party. Draw him or her. Give him or her a nickname. Imagine the kind of present he or she would offer and Henry’s reaction to it.

Film/shoot a 3 to 4 minute (3e/2nde) or a 5 to 6 minute (1ere) Duo Interpretation (or Duo interp) of Horrid Henry’s Birthday Party send it to the Children’s book festival in Cherbourg. A duo interp is a short performance in which the 2 performers act out a literary piece under certain restraints : no eye contact, no touching your partner and no props. The performers can cut anything out of their piece but cannot add any dialogue.

or watch examples on youtube or on this link :

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