Max goes to Mars

Max goes to Mars

Max goes to Mars

Big kid science book / 2015 / 15.79 €

Auteur·rice : Jeffrey Bennett
Illustrateur·rice : Alan Okamoto


Les premières lignes / the first lines:

This is the story of how Max the Dog helped humanity take the next giant leap – far beyond the Moon, to the wondrous planet Mars.

It had been only a few years since Max and his friend Toru helped start the Moon colony. Thousands of people had already visited the Moon, but no one had yet traveled beyond.

Tori and Max stayed busy at home on Earth. Tori was in school, and Max would play all day.

They loved to go for evening walks, especially when the sky was clear and dark. Tori could always spot the planets among the stars. Sometimes, when Mars was bright, she imagined that it was calling out to them, inviting a girl and her dog to visit.

Contenu / content:

Max Goes to Mars is the second book of the Max Science Adventure Series by Jeffrey Bennett and illustrator Alan Okamoto.

Max Goes to Mars picks up where Max Goes to the Moon left off, taking Max and his friends on the first human mission to Mars. Max helps makes one of the most important discoveries of all time. After returning home, Max and Tori reflect on the beauty and fragility of our own planet Earth.

Max Goes to Mars includes “Big Kid Box” sidebars that explain the science that lies behind the scenes of the picture book story; topics covered include “How far is Mars?,” “Water on Mars,” and “Is there really life on Mars?”.

Video of the reading:

Mike Hopkins readsMax Goes to Mars on the International Space Station: time: 15:16 minutes)

Sélection : 4ème - 3ème
2020, 2022, 2023
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