Sleuth on skates

Sleuth on skates

Sleuth on skates

Holiday House / 2014

Auteur·rice : Clémentine Beauvais
Illustrateur·rice : Sarah Horne


Présentation de l'éditeur

Unfortunately for aspiring investigator Sesame Seade, becoming a supersleuth isn't easy when you're an eleven-year-old kid and there are no cases in sight. But then, just when she least expects it, a truly strange mystery presents itself in Sesame's quiet hometown of Cambridge, England: university student Jenna Jenkins vanishes without a trace. Aided by her two best friends, a strange duck, and of course her trusty roller skates, the sassy and brilliant Sesame has a good chance of cracking the case . . . as long as she can avoid her meddling mum and dad; her unpleasant teacher Mr. Halitosis; and, scariest of all, the perpetrators of a very serious crime!

Prix : 9,74€

Niveaux : 3ème/2de


Sélection en anglais